100% Spanish passion

The first Manuel Rodriguez guitar was born in 1905 and we have been delighting the ears of people all around the world for more than 111 years! Thanks to our passion and quality, we have conquered more than 120 countries and hundreds of artists have felt in love with our instruments since then.

All our creations are the result of a strong commitment with the Spanish culture and tradition. That is why we produce every step of the manufacturing process exclusively in our factory in Esquivias, Toledo (Spain). All that experience helps the actual third generation of luthiers to build our guitars with the greatest care and an immense accumulated know-how resulting in the best Spanish sound of the market.

The best guitars need two essential elements; high quality exotic woods and the most experienced hands. Our team of luthiers use their knowledge, passion and creativity in every new piece.  Our staff combines the tradition of the most veterans, working with us for more than 20 years, with the fresh air and innovation of the latest recruitments.

Our magnificent woods, some of them with more than 40 years, are another key element of Manuel Rodriguez Guitars. All our guitars are made with a solid front giving the best possible sonority and the classical and flamenco models are also decorated with rosettes and other custom handcrafted details.

We are the second oldest guitar brand in the world, we have helped to discover the Spanish guitar to a multitude of countries and now we are ready to go one step further! We are ready to present our new flamenco cajones, with the same Manuel Rodriguez essence; the best woods, a careful design and the most experienced hands.

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