4 apps to create collaborative music

Playing an instrument is always funier if you do it with someone else. But there is a problem. Unless you live with the other members of your band or your housemates are musicians too, it is not always easy to find someone to play with. But once again, technology helps us to solve this problem.

If in other post we saw smartphone apps that help us to improve our technique, here there are some useful apps to create collaborative music remotely. With the Internet, it is not mandatory to be with some people in a basement to write a good song made by different musicians.

Songtree: You will find it both mobile and web app, this gives you the chance to create music as they were the branches of a tree. It means that a user can upload an audio track and from there, other users can work over this song adding other sounds or modifying it and creating new versions. So you can collaborate in the songs of friends -and people you don’t know-, besides of beeing conected by profiles working as a social network. Songtree is an open source and free app. It is available at the App Store and at Google Play.

Bandlab: Also available in an online and mobile version, with Bandlab you can create a virtual band -adding other users- so everyone take part in the writing process of the songs. There are other features as virtual instruments to play your music or an editor to mix the traks and make adjustments. It is free and also available for iOS and Android.

Trackd: Developed by the London classic Trident Studios -where artistst such as Lou Reed, David Bowie or The Rolling Stones recorded-, this app shows a very attractive interface. It gives you the chance to record up to 8 different tracks in the same project and invite your friends to collaborate in the parts of your choice. It also works as asocial network  as you can connect with musicians from all over the world. In this case, the collaborations are private and the creator always have control over the music. It is only available at the App Store.

Soundtrap: This platform gives you the possibility to record tracks with a real or virtual instrument, wherever you are and with the device you are using, and allows you to do it by your own or with other musicians remotely and real-time. It also has a special version for education, where the students can record songs in group and share them with teacher supervision. You can find it at the App Store and at Google Play with different pricing plans.

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