4 useful apps for guitarists

The smartphone is your inseparable partner, also when you practice your technique and ripp off the strings of your guitar. So we have been searching on the Internet and we found some interesting apps that can be very useful for guitarists and you may like to download and have anytime at hand.

iReal Pro: If you get bored of playing alone and not always can count on a friend to improvise or play some songs, this app might help you. iReal Pro is like have a real band on your phone or tablet that accompanies you while practicing. The user can choose among 47 different styles of music, from Funk and Bossa Nova to Swuing or Bluegrass. Is available for Android and for iOS.

Guitar Jam Tracks: This app is also designed for jamming with Blues, Jazz, Rock and Reggae bases. When the base is playing you can listen the different notes and see the chords and scales to practice over it with your guitar. Also available for Android  and iOS.

Drum Beats+: With this app you will feel like you have a percussionist while you play guitar. Includes more than 100 rhythms in different styles to practice with a drum base. If you prefer something more than a metronome to keep the rhythm of the music, Drum Beats+ is your app. You will find it both Google Play and App Store.

Flamencómetro: This is another percussion app, but with the peculiarity -as you may noticed for the name- of beeing focused on Flamenco. It includes percussion bases (hand-claps, drums, cajón…) with patterns of Bulerías, Fandangos, Rumbas or Soleas among others. There is a basic version with 19 patterns and a premium one with 109, besides of the possibility of buying separated packs if you are interested in a concrete Flamenco style. Only available for iOS.

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