5 guitars for 5 styles

Since it is not the same to play a classical guitar music piece than a Jazz jam session, instruments adapt to each style. Even if you can play almost everything with almost every guitar, some of them are more suitable to play in a certain way or for some specific kind of music. That is the reason there are some “flamenco” or “classical” guitars depending on their shape and meassures, or with different kind of strings or specifications.

For that reason we have made a selecction of five MR guitars that are appropriate for five different musical styles. Which one fits you the most?

Classical – FC

This guitar made entirely with solid woods is strong enough to be listened in a small auditorium without using any microphone. Has a beautiful and surrounding sound that works very good both in studio, for practicing or for playing live.

Flamenco – C3 F

Guitarra modelo C3F

The kind of guitar that you can use to practice by yourself, to take lessons at a more advanced level when you already know more than basics or for a Flamenco party. It has an almost professional quality to which you can get very much.

Latin music – Sol y sombra

Rafa de Hombres G, con una guitarra Sol y Sombra


One of Manuel Rodríguez’s flagships and one of the favourites of the artists who play with it. This guitar performs very well both studio and live, and, as it is electrified works perfectly fine in big venues with other musicians as accompainment or as a band.

Folk – Acustic

acústica y clásica

The perfect instrument if you are looking for a sound closer to American Folk and singer-songwritter style. A bigger body if we compare it to a classical guitar, steel strings, truss rod in the neck and Fishman equalizer to plug it. As beautiful as unique.

Blues – Maccaferri

If you are more into Southern Blues, surely this is your guitar. With a quirky design dating back to the early 1930’s, this kind of acoustic guitar with steel strings —but no equalizer— is perfect for sounds closer to Jazz or Blues and with strenght for live performs.

Of course, there is no written rule that dictates the type of music you should play with each guitar since the most important thing when choosing one is to feel comfortable with it and to get the sound you are looking for. That’s why it is not strange to see for example Carlos Orgaz playing Flamenco with his classical E model or Raimundo Amador playing some Blues with an A cutaway.

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