Warner artists enjoy playing MR guitars

Some months ago we announced with big excitement our recent ties created with Warner Music Spain. It was a great pleasure for us to drop some of our models in their studios and see how day by day are played by the talented hands of their musicians.

Our guitars come and go on the Warner studios. They sound with all its intensity in the acoustic shows popped up inside their walls, tour in the cases of the most nomad artists and act as faithful partners in the most musical photos. This way, every instrument is played by a great number of artists, all of them with its own style and personal touch.

From Manuel Rodriguez Guitarras we have to confess that we could not be happier with this partnership. Every luthier motivation is to know that the guitars they made are played, and feel how thousands of people listen every sound and melody created from its strings. This goal is 100% achieved at Warner studios as our guitars reach both emerging artists as well as more experienced ones and also international musicians.

We choose some of our many Warner artists who have played a Manuel Rodruiguez lately, like the impressive Diana Navarro, Miss Caffeina lead vocalist, Alberto Jimenez, Arco -El Puchero del Hortelano former member- or Molina Molina. And from the US, the band The Wild Feathers.

Diana Navarro

Diana Navarro

Rodrigo Mercado

Roberto Mercado

Molina Molina

Molina Molina

The wild feathers

The Wild Feathers

Miss caffeina

Alberto Jiménez, cantante de la banda Miss Caffeina


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