The five MR preferred by customers 

With distributors all around the world, it is hard to find just one favourite MR model for those who looks for a classical guitar. However, there are five models that everybody likes in both Spain and Philippines. With a very good value for money, the crossover, the C12, the C11 and the C1S are a must have in any store that sells MR guitars. Don’t you know them already?
1. Crossover Maple


No doubt that this guitar is the favourite for its modern lines and its lightness. Made with solid Spruce for the top and laminated Maple for the body, the whiteness of its woods has conquered thousands of guitarists all over the world.
2. C12


Beauty and simplicity, thats what everybody loves of our C12 model. The Pau Ferro used for the back and sides has a very particular veined that gives a lot of character to this classical and simple guitar.
3. C11


Our cheapest model surprises, not only for its elegant look, but for the great sound that has. The C11 is perfect for those who wants to play guitar for the first time with a medium range instrument.
4. C1s


The C1s is the favourite for those who value the woods above all when choosing an instrument. Red Cedar and laminated Indian Rosewood are the perfect and most classical combination, and this guitar is the best example.
5. Crossover Walnut



The dark couple of the Crossover Maple model, this version is made with Cedar and laminated Walnut. Both guitars earned a place of honor among our most demanded instruments.

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