MR, the best gift for this holidays

Thinking about giving as present a tablet or a next-generation smartphone? Something that will provide a momentary joy and will be in a drawer by February? If these holidays you wan to surprise and arouse creativity, give something truly special. Give a Manuel Rodríguez guitar.

Sol y sombra

Although musical instruments have to draw attention to their good sound, that does not mean that they can not be combined with a beautiful aesthetic. That’s what anyone will find with our model Sol y sombra, a B guitar cutaway with MR hole. It has passed through the hands of guitarists of different styles like Raimundo Amador, Estas Tonne, Eva Sierra or Rafa from Spanish band Hombres G, who was encouraged to do a review.

Classic C1

If something characterizes MR is that all our guitars have solid wood in their tops, regardless of the final price of the product. But this model in particular, not only has solid Cedar, but Indian Rosewood in the back and sides. The C1 is the perfect choice for those who want an instrument of unbeatable quality without having to scratch your pocket too much.


Cajones flamencos

In case you didn’t know, in Manuel Rodriguez we also like percussion. And what better than a cajón flamenco to accompany a guitar. They are versatile instruments – not only for Flamenco, you can take the rhythm of any style of music- , easy to carry and with very good sound quality. At MR we have several models of cajones: Nature, Vintage, Canela y New Buleria.

If you want more info about our guitars or you want to find your nearest distributor, you can call us at 925 520 954 or write to and we will help you to find them.

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