The personalized MR for Carlos Santana

Sometimes we have orders to make guitars on demand. From time to time we do them personalized, as the musician wants, with woods, measures and little details chosen by them. But is just a few times when we have the chance to make a guitar for one of the biggest and most importants guitarists in the world. And in the last months we had the privilege to manufacture a guitar for the one and only Carlos Santana.

Thanks to Hemres Music, our Mexican distributor, we had the chance to give Santana one of the most iconic MR guitar, the Sol y Sombra, but with some modifications to be personalized for the guitarist.

It is a cutaway guitar with nylon strings, but electrified and with Fishman equalizer, suitable even for playing in big arenas. The fingerboard is like the one we use for our acoustic guitar, and it also has an Ebony reinforcement in the neck. The woods chosen are Cedar and Spruce for the top, Indian Rosewood and Maple for the back and Indian Rosewood for the sides, so all together gives it a look completely different to any other guitar. It has our characteristic Nature finish and the distinct signature of Carlos Santana on the top. An amazing guitar that we are very proud to have been able to manufacture.





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