Manuel Rodríguez visits Middle East distributors

Over the next two weeks our CEO Manuel Rodríguez is visiting personally the Middle East distributors who works with MR guitars in Oman, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Chipre and Israel. Rodríguez never gets tired of transmiting his message of passion about music around the world, its importance in education and the tradition of handcrafted beautiful instruments made in Spain, birthplace of flamenco and guitar.

During this visit he will be in contact with local musicians and will make showrooms and clinics with several distributors, so they can see firsthand the particularities of every Manuel Rodríguez guitar that are for sale in these countries.

In Lebanon he was interviewed by a national TV channel, MTV, where he explained the history of his family and how his grandfather started to build guitars in Andalucía and how they moved to the US, and also about his concerns about environment and our path to sustainability.

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