Manuel Rodríguez visits Import Music – Argentina

In mid-June, Manuel Rodríguez landed in Argentina to present the new models of the line Nature by MR. Our CEO dedicates the most part of its time traveling around the world to bring our guitars to the remotest places. In this occasion, Manuel traveled all over the Atlantic to visit the biggest distributors of Latin America.  In Argentina, the Import Music team welcomed him willing to know more about this new line and curiosities of his long career.

_DSC1835 _DSC1839 _DSC1840 _DSC1853

They were three very intense days in which Manuel spread his passion for the art of making guitars, the very same passion he got when he was young from his father and grandfather. During his stay, he had the opportunity to talk with the customers of Import Music in their office at Puerto Madero. A great chance to transmit the essence of making craft guitars, to explain every little detail of a process who combines tradition and modernity, and that is entirely made in our factory at Esquivias, Toledo (Spain).

Manuel also introduced the new line of products and its exclusive characteristics, as the MR sound hole, a flagship of the brand which is increasingly seducing more musicians for its sound and the spectacular feeling to see the inside of the soundboard while it is playing.

_DSC1802 _DSC1782

Also joined to us during the event the singer Fernando Ruiz Díaz from Catapecu Machu, a well known Argentinian rock band, who played some songs with the Manuel Rodríguez Guitars.


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