MR Guitars walked towards sustainability with the Nature by MR line

Manuel Rodríguez Guitars (, Spanish company of choice for its iconic hand-crafted guitars, is supporting sustainability with the new Nature by MR line. A selection of guitars and cajones are being made with less pollutants while maintaining the best sound. Producing this type of instrument entirely in Spain places the company at the forefront of the industry.

MR currently exports to over 120 countries and expects to reach a production of 12,000 guitars per year in 2016, of which 30% will be part of this new sustainable range. The Nature line was presented to the public by Raimundo Amador at Musikmesse, the most important music fair in Europe, which attracted more than 65,000 visitors this year.

“International distributors are taking great interest in this type of instrument for both the newness of its sound and the sustainability of the manufacturing process, hence our interest in presenting Nature by MR at the Frankfurt Fair”, commented Manuel Rodríguez, CEO of MR Guitars.

Nature by MR: innovation and tradition

More than 100 years’ experience in creating guitars is now gathered in the Nature by MR line, which comprises eleven different models adapted to the various needs of guitar lovers and includes models for beginners as well as professionals. Traditional Spanish guitar techniques using a single layer of varnish, together with the sound quality and beauty of woods such as cedar, fir, rosewood and maple, make Manuel Rodriguez the industry’s leading brand worldwide.

This new MR Nature range poses a challenge for the production of musical instruments because, compared to the 4 layers of varnish on a traditional instrument, having a more natural finish requires a much more delicate way to work with the wood. In turn, this new production process helps to reduce the factory’s gas emissions and means that the luthiers are using less toxic processes.

Manuel Rodriguez and sustainability

Nature by MR is part of the company’s continuing commitment to its sustainability policy, which has given rise to responsible environmental management in its 6,500 m2 facilities in Esquivias, Toledo. The factory is saving a significant amount of energy by using renewable energy from solar panels.

During the last half of 2015, MR has carried out important improvements to its work spaces, incorporating new offices and a showroom, built with sustainable materials, environmentally friendly paints, and ceilings made with recycled materials. In the words of Manuel Rodriguez: “Our commitment to sustainability began with experimenting with the potential of FSC wood, water-based paints and varnishes such as shellac and sawdust-based pressed woods. We are hoping that MR Nature will also provide a response to the growing demand for organic products in the cultural industries field”.

Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez’s CSR activities go beyond the environmental field; they also work with social initiatives as part of their philosophy of commitment to society through music. Through various agreements and with the objective of contributing to improving people’s lives, the company supports the projects of institutions such as the Fundación Reina Sofía, Remar, the Jimmy Carter Foundation and Antonio Banderas’ Starlite.

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