At the beginning of April, Guitarras Manuel Rodríguez returned to the most important music fair in Europe: Musikmesse. With over 65,000 visitors and over 1000 stands divided between seven pavilions, every year it becomes an obstacle race by surprise, which is why Manuel Rodríguez have taken a major step forward with their new image.

The new stand has not gone unnoticed by anybody. There was a continuous flow of visitors and distributors on some of the days, also thanks to the presence of Spanish guitarist Raimundo Amador.


At the Frankfurt fair, distributors and visitors gave important recognition to the daily work carried out by the Manuel Rodríguez team. Without doubt, the company’s main distinguishing feature is the fact that their instruments are manufactured one hundred per cent in Spain, specifically in Esquivas, Toledo. A manufacturing process with more than 110 years of tradition, it continues to evolve and innovate both in the manufacturing process and the creation of new models.

Guitars Manuel Rodríguez arrived at Frankfurt with more news. Raimundo Amador presented the new Nature range: a commitment to more sustainable guitars with fewer layers of varnish, fewer pollutants and, at the same time, maintaining their best sound.



The new Nature range includes 11 new guitar models and the new flamenco cajones.

A few days of meetings, reunions and a lot of music. Four days of connecting and merging cultures. Improvisations from the stand to the stage, creating music all over the venue.




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