MR top 5: Signature guitars

They are more than the latest additions to our catalogue, they are unique pieces of art with the best possible sound. We named them Signature guitars because they are all exclusive models, entirely handmade, designed by the Rodriguez family and made with the best aged woods.

These models are the mark of excellence of Manuel Rodriguez Guitars. This instruments combine the best values of a century-old company that is been seeking since its inception the higher quality Spanish sound.

The Signature guitars are made with solid wood over 50 years old in some cases. These five models are made exclusively on request and can have cedar or spruce body top. In addition, all borders have shaped multicolored pen, obtained by gluing hundreds of colored wooden plates and subsequent cutting. Ebony wood has also great importance in these models which makes them particularly resistant. These guitars get a better sound year after year and like Manuel Rodriguez (CEO) says “these pieces are like Stradivarius”.

Despite having similar characteristics, each guitar is different from the previous one. We show you the main differences bellow:

  1. Centenaria

Centenaria Signature guitar was designed in 2005 to celebrate the centenary of Manuel Rodriguez Guitars brand. It is made with wood from more than 25 years in drying and Madagascar Rosewood on its sides and back. It has a reinforced handle Ebony and its fingerboard and bridge are made with Ebony wood too. It also has double border on its back.

  1. Norman Rodriguez

This guitar is named like the brother of the current CEO, also grandson of the founder. The Norman Rodriguez model is made with wood from more than 25 years, and the predominantly material is Indian Rosewood. It also has the Ebony fingerboard, however in this case the bridge is Indian Rosewood. This model also has double border on its back.

  1. Manuel Rodriguez Jr. India

The Manuel Rodriguez Jr. India is named after the current CEO. This guitar is made with Indian rosewood with more than 25 years. It presents Ebony on its fingerboard and on its head, both front and back sides. The bridge of this guitar is Madagascar Rosewood.

  1. Manuel Rodriguez Jr. Madagascar

This model is similar to Manuel Rodriguez Jr. India, but instead of Indian rosewood in their rings and soil, it has Madagascar rosewood. Moreover, the bridge of this guitar is built with Ebony.

  1. Mr. Manuel Rodriguez

The Manuel Rodriguez Sr. guitar is a model designed by the father of the current CEO. It is a model that Manuel Sr. elaborated himself by hand and it stands out for its striking decoration with multicolored feathers on its borders and around the mast. Mr. Manuel Rodríguez guitar is made with Rio Rosewood with more than 50 years drying. This wood is no longer sold, however, the company has almost centenarian’s boards in stock that are used exclusively for this model.

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