MR and NAMM 2017 in 8 pictures

NAMM 2017 has been held, as in previous editions, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Los Angeles. For that reason, Manuel Rodríguez and our friends Raimundo Amador and his son ‘Mundito’, have moved to the US on January 19, 20, 21 and 22. This is how they have lived the biggest event of the musical sector of the year



A trip very lively

If something characterizes Raimundo Amador is his spontaneity and his love for music. Thus, neither in the airplane could contain itself and managed to become the center of attention of the flight Madrid – Los Angeles in which they traveled. You can see how they enjoyed here.



Touring L.A.

Our friends took advantage of the visit to the USA also to do some tourism. Obviously, not everything was going to be ‘work’… Although, Amador and his son have not stopped a moment to play, or in our space, located in Hall C, Booth 5218, or anywhere else. The truth is that the art of this family is incredible.



David Palau, an MR unconditional

NAMM gathers year after year to all lovers of music. For this reason, our friend David Palau did not want to miss this appointment and, of course, he has come to see us and play for a while with our guitars.



A place to be seen

Manuel Rodríguez has not stopped even a minute, but to teach the magic of the instruments he makes. In the image, he is seen chatting with a group of professionals of the sector.



New instruments

Our novelty in NAMM 2017 have been two instruments of our own creation: the cajonga and the cabongos. Our lutieres have done a great job getting the best out of the cajones flamencos to unite it with the essence of more exotic instruments. You can find out more about these instruments here.



A very talented young man

Some already compare him to Jimi Hendrix and do not fall short. In his scarce 13 years, Brandon Niederauer is a phenomenon in the musical sector. Our friends could not resist knowing him and taking photos of him. You know, if there is no photo, it has not happened. 🙂



Pure sound

Play, play and play. That’s what Raimundo Amador and ‘Mundito’ have not stopped. Together, alone, with more artists. In this case, at a moment of improvisation they managed to stage two of our cajones flamencos with Amador’s guitar in the background. Pure art.



A classic photo

Stevie Wonder always visits NAMM. This iconic artist, best known for his talent at the piano, adores our guitars. This year, to follow what seems to be a tradition, has come to see Manuel Rodriguez to try our most popular guitar and in passing, take the classic photo.


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