About us

We are tradition and modernity, art and experience. We are exotic woods, the smell of sawdust and varnishes. We live with passion the development of our guitars, where generation after generation we have managed to perfect a century-old manufacturing technique.

Our creations are the proof of our strong commitment to Spanish culture. Spirit and essence of the most Spanish music, they are elaborated with all the care and attention of our experienced luthiers, the true protagonists of MR Guitars.

That spirit has led us to be present in more than 100 countries. We create Spanish essence and we bring it closer to the whole world.

We are music, we are culture, we are MR Guitars.

Our team

MR guitars are possible thanks to dozens of people. Our company is what it is for the determination of those who every day work in it. They are the ones who strive to offer products of the highest quality and make them reach all corners of the world.

Our essence is born from the experience of several generations of luthiers who have loved the art of guitar construction, soaking up everything around them. Thus, more than a hundred years after its founding, each of the luthiers that have been incorporated into the family, the commercial team, the people responsible for management and administration and all those who make the brand possible, we do so committed to the original values of Manuel Rodríguez who founded the house: tradition, art, beauty, sound and modernity.

Guitarras MR is a lot of people, many people who work for all those people who share the same values. Our commitment to the customer is what has made us grow and improve over the years and we are aware that our products only have real value at the moment when other ears enjoy their sound when the hands of a music lover They are the ones that make them sound.

Our factory

In 1994 we left our small shop-workshop in the center of Madrid to install ourselves in new and ambitious facilities, in the town of Esquivias, Toledo. More than two decades later, our factory is the example of the perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity.

At MR we believe that the best way to find out which guitar is the ideal for each one is to discover it, to touch it, to feel it. Therefore, we also offer guided tours of our factory, observing the entire construction process.

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