7 reasons to learn how to play the guitar

It is summer, time to spend nights at the beach, to camp in the countryside or do a bbq with friends. And we are sure that you have someone close that usually plays some music in that situations, probably with a guitar. And for that reason, in summertime you always say to yourself: “I have to learn to play the guitar”. But you never do.

So we are giving you this little push you need. We give you 7 reasons why you should learn how to play the guitar today.

  1. It is portable: a guitar is not like a cellphone, but is not like a piano neither, so you can bring it anywhere you want and play. For us is one of the main reasons to learn. An awesome night would not be the same without the sound of a guitar.
  2. It is perfect by itself or accompanied: if you grab a guitar it doesn’t mean that your friends can’t play it too. Actually is way better to do it in company!
  3. Is a perfect way to express your creativity: you may be a great painter or a super creative photographer, but if not, you could have a lot to offer artistically, and the guitar could be your ally.
  4. It is not that hard to start: it could seem so, but playing a simple song with a guitar is not that hard. Actually, learning to play the guitar can be very gratifying because you see the evolution and the results pretty fast.
  5. To learn activates the brain: with musical instruments you never stop learning, which means that you keep your brain agile. Music also helps to generate dopamine –the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happiness-, so there you go, two for one.
  6. Music de-stresses: listen to music helps to relax and disconect from routine, but playing music do so much more. Concentration and the sound of music played makes any stressfull thought to go away.
  7. Playing guitar is sexy: that’s what it is. Playing an instrument gives you confidence and that is the key to be more attractive for others. Do you need more reasons?

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