The planet has finite and increasingly scarce goods. Obtaining the woods with which they used to build classical guitars used to come from forests punished by human use. The varnishes with which the beautiful brightness of the instruments was obtained generated too many toxic gases for our luthiers. For this and much more, from Guitarras MR we bet for a responsible management with the environment.

Our commitment to sustainability began with experimenting with the possibilities offered by FSC woods, water-based dyes and varnishes such as shellac and pressed sawdust-based woods.

In addition, our factory uses renewable energy from solar panels, which allows us not only to save energy but also to be more consistent with the use of natural resources with which we obtain electricity and heat in our workspaces.

Also, during the last years, we have carried out an important improvement of our facilities, incorporating new offices and a showroom, built with sustainable materials, ecological paintings and ceilings made with recycled materials.

With research and constant improvement in the field of environmental care, from Guitarras MR we hope to meet the growing demand for organic products also in the field of cultural industries.

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