The MR Christmas selection

It’s time to write your letter to Santa again. If you are planning on asking for a guitar this Christmas, Manuel Rodriguez are making it easy. You can see our holiday selection below. You only have to locate your nearest dealer by clicking here.

1. C3 ebony

This guitar is ideal for those who are venturing into the world of guitar playing for the first time. This classical model has a different touch thanks to the wood with which the sides and back have been worked: pressed wood that imitates the streaks of ebony. This wood, as well as providing a surprising colour, gives the guitar a great sound. However, the most valuable thing about this guitar is the low environmental footprint left by its manufacture, because this type of wood is produced from leftover woods. This saves trees while maintaining the best sound. What’s more, this instrument is presented with a modern matte finish.

See the C3 ebony here.

2. C8

This model is the definition of classic. The C8 guitar is made with a cedar top, giving it a very light brown, almost beige colour, contrasting with the mahogany laminated sides and back, which lend a reddish tone. This wood not only gives it a very characteristic colour, but also provides this gloss-finished instrument with a great sound. This model is available in regular, student and senorita sizes.

See the C8 here.

3. C10 cutaway electric neck

We can’t choose between our two versions because they are both amazing. The C10 cutaway E/N with walnut back and sides and the bright white maple body version are both works of art available to all. This guitar is the cutaway version of the C10 and although it is one of our more economical guitars, it is also one of our most spectacular models thanks to, among other things, its glossy finish and combination of woods: spruce-walnut and spruce-maple. This guitar also has a Fishman equalizer.

See the C10 E/N walnut here.

See the C10 E/N maple here.

4. D

The solid red cedar top, robust Indian rosewood back and sides and ebony fretboard make this guitar as beautiful as it is strong. With its classic finish, the D model is our favourite of the intermediate level classicals and is ideal for musicians who want to move on from their first instrument to a more delicate sound. This guitar has two special features: a stronger neck, thanks to its ebony reinforcement, and the colour of its top, with a different shade of brown to the rest thanks to the red cedar.

See the D here.

5. FF Sabicas

A good Christmas selection would not be complete without one of our most beloved guitars, the FF flamenco model. This instrument is included in the expert category. With its German spruce top and solid cypress body, this guitar’s neck is made from cedar with an ebony reinforcement and a red, white and black inlay. Like our strongest guitars, the neck of the FF is also reinforced with ebony. This guitar comes in a solid case.

See the FF Sabicas here.

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