5 Reasons to fall in love with a Manuel Rodriguez

A guitar is passion, sound, flamenco… but a Manuel Rodriguez is much more. Owning one of our guitars means being committed to the art, believing that tradition and modernity go hand in hand, enjoying creating pure music.

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Craftsmanship: In spite of technological progress and the incorporation of modern tools, here at Manuel Rodriguez we believe that the only way to achieve the best sound is by working the wood with one’s own hands. For this reason, our luthiers take care of every detail of the process of creating the guitar, from the very first drying of the wood, until its final polishing. All our instruments are different and special.

Experience: More than 100 years creating guitars is equivalent to hundreds of thousands of instruments. Wood after wood, string after string, the construction of each part of our guitars has been developed based on professionalism and the experience of our luthiers. Decades of trial and error have been translated into the purest and most beautiful finishes.

Essence: Manuel Rodriguez is the essence of Spain. Our steps have gone at the same pace as our own music: the flamenco. Since our origins, we have been deeply associated with this art and we have grown alongside it. We have worked hard to make our guitars more and more precise when it comes to the ideal sounds for flamenco; we have ensured the most definitive instruments are put in the hands of the best guitarists. Our guitars are a symbol of that music and, therefore, are a symbol of Spain.

Community: Having a Manuel Rodríguez means being part of a great community of music and art lovers. Each of our guitars has its own identification number with which you can enjoy benefits and discounts, share experiences and much more. We believe that our instruments are out of the ordinary and we do everything possible to make you feel the same.

Internationality: With distributors in more than 120 countries, our guitars have conquered stages from Shanghai to Trinidad. We were the first house of classical guitar to arrive in the US and after that we were pioneers in supporting flamenco in Japan back in the 60s. We are still growing today.


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