The most Spanish guitar, for the ‘ultra-American’ Jackson Browne

He is not Honorary Doctor of Western music for nothing. It is a status that imprints character, a consequence of a journey and commitment for whoever is distinguished with such a title. Jackson Browne, the most American of songwriters, enjoyed the fruits of his legendary status this Tuesday, receiving a warm Spanish welcome to Madrid.

Manuel Rodriguez III, heir to the legacy of his grandfather and his father and head of the second oldest Spanish guitar factory, visited the Alfonso XIII Royal Botanic Gardens in Madrid’s university campus with one of their instruments, ready to give it to a guitar legend. A model D cut created from hardwoods such as Madagascan sarsaparilla with a Brazilian rosewood top from the 1930s, “a special reserve that my father left when he died that we have been keeping in his small workshop in our headquarters in the village of Esquivias in Toledo”.



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