Music for your best friend

Perhaps you haven’t found a reason yet that encourage you to start playing an instrument. This is why from Manuel Rodríguez we do not stop giving you reasons. On this occasion, we invite you to make a gift to your pet: music.

Several studies show that our pets enjoy music almost as much as people. Deborah Wells, an expert researcher on animal behavior, says in several of her studies that, for example, dogs find classical music especially relaxed.

“53% of pet owners in Canada and the United States leave music playing in their homes when they go to work”, they say in an article in Muy Interesante Magazine, because pets “prefer soft background music than absolute silence”.

Classical music to heal

In the United States there are musicians who compose melodies for convalescent animals. The truth is that, just like humans, music therapy helps pets reduce their heart rate and slow their breathing. In addition, it has been shown that listening to music that they like – sometimes coincides with the tastes of their owners – raises their level of endorphins, which inevitably improves their mood.

Curious fact

In 1909 the New York Times published an article about a curious experiment: what was the effect of music on animals in the zoo in the Bronx. In it, they highlighted the response of the orangutans, who were even able to move to Swing music rhythm.

So, if you do not want to learn to play the guitar for any other reason, do it for your pet!

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