Nature top 5: five guitars to describe over 110 years

The Nature range includes different guitars and cajones for all tastes. However, we wanted to create a selection of five guitars that perfectly demonstrate Manuel Rodriguez’ experience and, above all, their commitment to culture and sustainability. Five guitars to describe a history of over 110 years.

1. The classic: Caballero 12

With its completely natural finish, this model represents the brand’s most classic side, but this does not mean it’s boring. The Caballero 12 is a classic Spanish guitar with a robust solid cedar top and an Indian sandalwood fingerboard. However, its sides and back are extremely exotic with their Bubinga wood veins.

2. Novelty: B cutaway ‘Sol y Sombra’

This guitar is Manuel Rodriguez’ most novel model. This model does not have a sound hole in the middle; this has been replaced by an intricate hole in the shape of the initials ‘MR’, offset to the right. This guitar’s top really stands out thanks to its two-colour spruce and cedar top. The sides and back are Indian sandalwood and the neck is composed of an ebony fingerboard with cedar and reinforcement to the back.

3. Most Sustainable: C3 ebony

The C3 ebony is the most sustainable guitar; it is without equal. The wood with which the sides and back have been created is, in fact, pressed wood that imitates ebony’s characteristic streaks. As well as providing a surprising colour, this material is manufactured from wood waste: the best sound is created without the need for felling trees.

4. Contemporary beauty: C11 maple cutaway

The paleness of the maple wood and the sobriety of its inlays make this the most modern model without modifying the design. The C11 maple cutaway is a popular choice for MR’s rocker fans. The sides and back are made using maple, which blends with the spruce top thanks to the fast drying process that gives this wood a very special colour.

5. Timeless beauty: C11 walnut cutaway

Sister of the C11 maple model, this version is much more elegant and serious looking, while its stylish shapes make it the guitar of choice for those looking for a modern yet discreet instrument. With its spruce top, the most impressive feature of this piece is its deep brown natural finish. Because it is not commonly used, this wood gives the instrument a rarely seen colour.


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